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We make big promises because we’re good at keeping them. You needn’t take our word for it; we’re always chuffed when people we’ve helped are happy to tell us. Thank you to those for letting us knows.

Clients’ Positive Feedback

We can hardly find any local training agent that could provide specific course on “Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) At the Workplace” but Safety and Construction  Asia Limited could offer us with high quality training service. If you think of staff capacity, Safety and Construction  Asia Limited is your best partner.
_Yin Phallyn, Head of HR, Dumex Cambodia
We have exceptional experience and professional customer care with Safety and Construction Asia Limited  for us is top qualified. Safety and Construction Asia Limitededis a professional training service provider.
_Lun Dane, HR Director, MJQ Education
There many training service providers in Cambodia and we have worked many of them; however, we appreciated Safety and Construction Asia Limited as our best partner since they could deliver high and practical quality service that positively impact our business operation.
_Im Sarun, Human Resource Manager, True Money, Cambodia